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Distant Light, incanto di voce. È uscito l’ultimo singolo di Daniela Spadini e Silvia Orciari


La Senigalliese Daniela Spadini presenta il suo disco "Tales of my soul

L'artista emozionata: "Sono davvero legata ai brani contenuti nell'album", alcuni sono nati durante il periodo del lockdown


Il primo disco di Daniela Spadini, Tales of my Soul, da ascoltare anche su Senigallia Notizie

E' pubblicato da Records DK il lavoro della pianista e compositrice senigalliese, prodotto da Roberto Riccò


Daniela Spadini: Tales of my Soul

Tales of my Soul è il titolo del disco di debutto della pianista Daniela Spadini, musicista e compositrice marchigiana, pubblicato dall’etichetta RECORDS DK

Link all'articolo qui

Senigallia: “moving, introspective”, video by Daniela Spadini is a success on the internet


The composition "Without you" collects views - Watch the VIDEOS.


Daniela Spadini from Senigallia received support for her piano composition "Without you".

A song "touching, introspective, sometimes sweet and reassuring", as a user writes on youtube, where the video was published collecting over thousands of views. More recently, a further video / tribute has been made of the same song.

Music: it's "Rise Up!" the new composition by Daniela Spadini with Roberto Riccò

After the last composition "Without you", Daniela Spadini from Senigallia returns to the limelight with a new song "Rise Up!", Created in collaboration with the Ligurian musician Roberto Riccò. The video, which we propose to you, was shot in Senigallia and in the surrounding countryside.

"It happens to all of us sooner or later - Daniela Spadini tells us - to have bad moments in our life, the important thing is to know how to get up with simple gestures and actions that allow us to believe in a better life! It's the "resilience" effect ... resist the blows! "

Je Blague video:


PaulWhite743: An enchanting composition, with a feeling of lightness and freedom, yet tinged with melancholy, like a recollection of happier days. Your playing sounds excellent. Also very nice video footage. Thank you dear Daniela for a most inspiring production!

Nourskean1039: What a lovely and beautiful composition, dear Daniela !! So uplifting !... full of joy 💥💥 .. indeed a little light in the darkness of that evil virus that terrorizes the whole world... Hope You are healthy and doing well, my friend ! Thank You for this musical moment of escape!

Jackie Perks - Classical Jams Piano: I love the way your beautiful composition's like a river of thoughts, ideas, and feelings. I love that sweet and melancholic feeling of nostalgia that your music brings to my heart. The video was fantastic, as well and added a great atmosphere! Your playing is excellent!

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