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Immagine di Daniela Spadini

Daniela Spadini is an Italian pianist and composer, she studied classical piano from a young age. Her passion for the piano began when she was only two years old and at the age of 7 she began her musical journey with two different teachers. Constant study leads her to take some exams at the conservatory “G.B. Pergolesi”.

The sudden death of her teacher with whom he had built up a great affection, leaves an indelible mark on her life which also affects the continuation of her studies. She abandoned the classical studies and became a chorister in the polyphonic choir dedicated to dear teacher and she had the opportunity to give concerts in Italy and in Europe.

In 2014 She began a new musical journey approaching modern composers and began writing her original compositions. She has collaborated with Italian and foreign artists and she performed in piano-bar and pubblic exibitions. One of her composition “Tango lento” be used in a few dance school.

Some of her compositions have been used to create advertising videos.

Her first album "Tales of my soul" is released in 2020 and the second album will be released in 2023.

«La musica mi accompagna da sempre, senza i limiti imposti dalle parole, attraverso le note mi è più semplice esprimere pensieri ed emozioni ed arrivare così più intensamente alle persone.»


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